Top 4 Benefits of Steam Shower


What is steam shower? 

A steam shower is a simple enclosure: a sealed stall to prevent moisture to leave the shower. By pressing a button on the shower’s control panel, the shower’s steam generator is activated, which then brings water to boiling. The steam from the boiling water is channelled through the shower’s system, emerging through the steam head, filling the shower with hot soothing, humidifying steam. 

Modern steam showers come with digital controls, which makes it easy for the user to activate the shower, adjust the length of time that the shower will operate, or adjust temperature controls. Some models are equipped with extras such as:  

  • Piped-in sound systems that allow the user to listen to music  
  • The ability to add various scents to the shower  
  • Mood lighting 
  • Conventional shower heads for a quick rinse once the steam shower is complete  


Water is heated to 118 degrees Fahrenheit, which gives the user a luxurious experience with no risks of burns or other hazards. Steam showers are also easy on the water bill. In 20 minutes of use, a steam shower only consumes about 2 gallons of water compared to the 50 or more gallons that a conventional shower would use over the same duration. That is one reason why many designers are starting to include them in eco-friendly home designs. 

Benefits of steam shower: 

Steam showers are quiet, relaxing enclosures that can easily fit in any apartment, condominium or home. The steam provides several benefits: 


Breathing and lung function:  

Deep breathing techniques are recognized by researchers for their ability to reduce stress, improve oxygen levels, and increase energy. Many wellness practitioners, such as yoga instructors, believe learning how to breathe properly is an important part of any health regimen. 

Steam therapy is well regarded for its ability to maintain optimal breathing. It may help to relieve bronchial and nasal discomfort by clearing phlegm and mucus. Breathing easier may help support the body’s other physiological functions, even cognitive health. Improved breathing means better sleep and high intensity workouts. And if you do breathwork of any kind, steam rooms are a no-brainer. 


Keeping your skin healthy and clean 

Steam therapy does its work without any of the harsh chemicals you find in many traditional skin treatments. Steam is a natural way to remove toxins and bacteria from the skin. Its ability to cleanse pores by penetrating deep into the five layers of the epidermis doesn’t just make your skin look and feel good, it helps provide potential key health benefits. When bacteria get lodged in your skin, sometimes even the best exfoliating agents can’t dig deep enough to loosen and remove impurities. Steam does. 

Clean, glowing skin is an important part of any wellness program. The skin is the largest organ in the body and the first defence against environmental pollutants as well as indoor toxins. Steam helps stabilize skin pH. As a result, regular steam showers may help keep your skin looking radiant 24/7. 



Help with stress management 

Intermittent heat treatments have been found to help enhance mood and help reduce discomfort from joint and tendon pain for some people. One of the mechanisms that promote these effects is steam’s ability to potentially help increase endorphins. These hormones can produce feelings of euphoria and help minimize pain. Endorphins are the chemical responsible for the “runner’s high” that many people feel after exercise. 

Then there are the naturally relaxing benefits from steam rooms. This may also help improve sleep quality, another crucial element in a successful wellness lifestyle. Heating the body before sleep helps reduce insomnia in older people, a population known to suffer from sleep disorders at a high rate. 


Promoting a more productive workout 

These effects on heart function and the musculoskeletal system are the perfect complement to a regular exercise program, which is essential when pursuing a healthy lifestyle. Whether you do yoga, Pilates, group training, running, or any physical activity, steam rooms may help you prepare for a more productive work out and help enhance muscle recovery afterward. 


Steam Shower: The Perfect Addition To Home Wellness Routine 

Wellness is about achieving a balance of multiple systems in the body. Regular sessions in a steam room are the perfect addition to exercise, nutritious diets, mindfulness, stress management, and other key aspects of a successful approach to wellness.