Tips To Make Your Washer & Dryers Last Longer:

Taking good care of your washer & dryer can help to extend their life and also make them as energy-efficient as possible. (Please make sure unit is turned off and unplugged before servicing)  If you need any assistance in locating any appliance replacement parts CLICK HERE and someone will be able to assist you at

Washing Machines

  •  Check your washer inlet fill hoses for damage and consider replacing your old rubber hoses with stainless steel “No-burst” washer hoses which are much more resistant.
  • Check the hose connections and make sure they are secure (This is the main cause of any leaks of spills around your machine).
  • Make sure your machine is leveled, (This can be done by adjusting the leveling legs).
  • Always use the correct detergent and the correct amount for your machine.
  • Never overfill your machine (This could wear out the motor and drive belts).

 Clothes Dryers

  • Clean the lint filter after every load and also clean out your dryer’s venting (This will keep your home safe and it will increase the efficiency of your clothes dryer).
  • Replace any damaged dryer duct venting with new rigid metal vent piping.
  • Vacuum dryer vent often to minimize build-up on pipe lining as well as minimize fire hazards.

In conclusion:  If you put in the effort to maintain your appliances you’ll find that many of them will last for years.  Your existing washer and dryer could last up to 20 years.   So go ahead and start applying the tips that we’ve discussed above and begin caring for your appliances today.  If you need to replace any of your appliance parts please don’t hesitate in contacting us  at 1-855-472-4443 FREE or email us at:

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