Why It Is A Good Idea To Know Your Model And Serial Number Of Your Unit?


When You Are Looking For Replacement Parts For Your Appliances…

The model and serial number is the key reference to locating the correct parts for your appliance as well as if the manufacturer has issued any recalls. The appliance’s serial number may identify if there are any revisions on the parts on your unit. When inquiring upon ordering replacement parts from your parts supplier you should have your model and serial number to ensure you receive the correct part info.

Usually, any information besides the appliance’s brand name found in clear view on the front face of your appliance is just a marketing name and is usually of little use in identifying the actual appliance model number.

The appliance’s model/serial numbers will only be found right on the appliance’s model and serial number identification tag. Differing to their name, model numbers will usually consist of letters, numbers and often dashes and sometimes dots as well and not just numbers.

To get replacement parts for your appliance you’ll need to know which part(s) you need. Each and every part of an appliance including the individual screws has a part number. This is the means by which a specific part of your appliance can be identified and ordered.

You may be able to get a part number right off the defective component and if possible, look on the old part to see if it is stamped with a part number to identify it. Some parts may be stamped or listed with codes, but it’s always a good idea to consult with an experienced parts distributor. Some manufacturers only put manufacturing codes on their parts which cannot be traced. Part numbers may consist of letters, numbers and dashes but Just numbers are the most common.


Ever have trouble locating your model or serial number on your appliances? Here’s how: LOCATING YOUR MODEL-SERIAL NUMBER


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