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Aga Heat Storage Cookers.
Models: Classic Cast Iron Cooker & Vent Hoods
LPRT 512192(R)
LPRT 511835 (R)
LPRT 515280
LPRT 511834 (R)
LPRT 513915 (R)
LPRT 512044 (R)
LPRT 516109 REV 02-12)

LPRT 513117
LPRT 514857 (R)
LPRT 515279 (R)
LPRT 515281 (R)
LPRT 515336 (R)
Legacy 36 ELECTRIC
Legacy 44
Aga Cookers
Aga Ranges.
Models: Gas, Electric & Special Edition

03-12 EINS 515924
LPRT 514247
LPRT 515285 (R 02-11)
LPRT 511908 (R)
LPRT 511909 (R 06-11)
LPRT 511967 (R)
LPRT 515603 (R 02-11)
LPRT 515606 (R 02-11)
LPRT511969 (R 05-11)
LPRT 511683 (R 05-11)
LPRT 515607 (R)
LPRT 512950 (R05-11)
LPRT 515604 (R 02-11)
LPRT 513671 (R)
LPRT 515605 (R 02-11)
LPRT 513116 (R)
LPRT 513156 (R 02-11)
LPRT 512479 (R 06-11)
LPRT 513116 (R))

LPRT 513916 (R 06-11)
LPRT 514185 (R)
LPRT 512034
LPRT 512035 (R)
LPRT 512036 (R)
LPRT 512037 (R
LPRT 511838 (R 06-11)
LPRT 515286 (R 02-12)
LPRT 515287 (R 02-12)
LPRT 514009 (R 02-12)
LPRT 514010 (R 02-12)
LPRT 513718 (R 06-11)
LPRT 511968 (R) 05-11
LPRT 511970 (R 05-11)
LPRT 511971 (R 05-11)
LPRT 511972 (R 05-11)
LPRT 511744 (R)
LPRT 512179 (R)
Aga Ranges
Aga Dishwashers.
Models: PRO+ Quiet Running, Integrated Dishwasher & Legacy Models


Aga Dishwasher
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Aga Cookers:
It's a way of life. That is what you will hear from any of over 750,000 AGA owners worldwide. Go into any AGA owner’s home and you will find them in the kitchen. Probably comfortably leaning against their cooker with a glass of wine in hand. Why? Because for over eighty years, the AGA has been considered a member of the family. It has heated kettles and warmed hearts. It has gathered family and friends. It has become the heart of the home. This is why AGA owners all over the world say they couldn't imagine life without one.

Aga Ranges:
Whether it’s our traditional radiant heat cookers or more conventional dual fuel and electric ranges, we have a model to suit your need for performance and your desire for style. Choose a category below to learn more about each model’s features.

Aga Ventilation:
Our new vent hoods are the crowing glory for any range. Inspired by the classic Aga design, they coordinate perfectly with any Aga range or cooker. Available in both 36-inch and 48-inch models with a choice of three different blower options. Our standard hoods offer 600 CFM in the 36" size and 1200 CFM in the 48" size. An optional 1400 CFM remote blower or a reduced power 285 CFM blower are available for either size hood.

Aga Dishwasher:
Style choices are usually limited with your dishwasher. Pick a standard color, or integrate it with a cabinet panel. Our new dishwasher is the perfect blend of function and style with our trademark contour design. Engineered to fit beautifully into your Aga kitchen, our dishwasher is available in every Legacy color. It is also super quiet and Energy Star rated.