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Customers are required to provide both the serial number and model number

*RNB model units cannot upgrade back burners with 18k-22k burners*

*RCS model units cannot be upgraded with 18k-22k burners*

*Bluestar V1 & V2 units requiring hinges: CLICK HERE



If you're not sure of the model or serial number, please refer to the product's data plate. The data plate is located on the inside left wall of the unit. For free standing ranges and cooktops, if you remove the left front burner grate and look at the inside left wall, you will see the data plate. For the salamander, it is located behind the access panel on the right side of the unit.



*The RCS model Burners cannot be upgraded*

Thermovalve Installation

Retro Door Installation

Wall-Oven Data Information

Elan Thermostat Installation

Oven Igniter Installation

Power Burner Igniter Installation For Platinum Series- P/N: 781001

Spark Igniter Installation

Sealed Burner Conversion

Convection Fan Relay Install Instructions

Removing and Re-Installing Oven Door

Burner Configurations

Burner Head & Burner Cap Safety Information


Parts Manual Blue Star Gas Range/Cooktops

Click the link above to identify the part you need using the Parts Manual and use the search field below to find the part in our large inventory.

*Service update -->P/N: BS-703304 Bake Igniters Click here


New Elan Thermostat Installlation Video

Changing a Top Burner Igniter

Adjusting Flame Height

Adjusting Air Shutters For Top Burners

How to Remove and Install Oven Door

Troubleshooting Clicking Burners

Platinum Oven Probe Shield Installation

Platinum Series PowR Oven Air Shutter Adjustment

Converting Gas Type

Thermovalve Replacement from Maxitrol to Invensys

Gas & Electric Wall Oven Stacking Kit Instructions

Replacing the Control Panel & Plate Rail on V2 Models




Models: Residential, Heritage & French Top Nova (RNB)

Models: Classic & Heritage (24"-30"-36"-48" & 60 Inches)
Drop-In Cooktops
Models: Nova & UltraNova (30" & 36 Inches)

Wall Ovens

Models: Single & Double Doors (24"-30"-36"-48" & 60 Inches)

Salamander Broiler
Indoor Charbroiler

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Rangetops: For kitchens with separate ovens, a BlueStar rangetop is the ultimate tool for the at-home chef with its high performance at its best, with burners reaching 22K BTUs. Heavy-duty commercial stainless steel construction with heavy duty control knobs, and removable drip trays with steel roller bearings.

Precious Metals Collection: BlueStar's new Precious Metals Collection combines the power and high-performance that has become synonymous with BlueStar products along with our advanced color powder coating system.

Wall Ovens: The 24" gas oven features swing doors, while the 30" and 36" gas ovens feature easy-to-use French doors, providing a unique look and simple functionality. All sizes are available in single and double oven versions, as well as 190 different colors. Each gas oven contains a powerful 25,000 BTU burner and a 15,000 BTU ceramic infrared broiler.

DropIn Cooktops: BlueStar’s drop-in cooktop delivers BlueStar’s signature power and performance while consuming minimal kitchen space. BlueStar drop-in cooktops provide high performance at its best, with burners reaching 22K BTUs and a gentle simmer that can turn down to 130 degrees. Heavy-duty commercial stainless steel construction with heavy duty control knobs, and full-motion grates.

Indoor Charbroiler: With 15,000 BTUs of power and adjustable grate positioning for variable temperature cooking, BlueStar Indoor Charbroilers are an unsurpassed addition to every cook’s kitchen.

* Please be advised that we are the Canadian distributer for Bluestar and shipping on certain parts may take longer if part not stocked in our warehouse. All Bluestar parts are Special Order Parts and are subject to a restocking fee of 25%. THERE IS NO WARRANTY ON BLUESTAR PARTS.*


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