BlueStar Unveils Dual Fuel Ranges With Ground-Breaking X8 Burners


The eagerly anticipated BlueStar dual fuel range is now available! The newest gadget developed by the company’s engineers combines the best features of gas and electric cooking. The electric-powered oven within as well as the gas burners on top undergo a revolution as a result. 

Let’s begin by going over the cooktop. 

X8 Sealed Burners 

The company’s a star-formed burners have always been known for their accuracy, but the new X-8 sealed burners are built for unmatched, adaptable power. Every burner heats up using the same amount of power. There is never a need to check which burners are designed to simmer and which ones quickly boil water for spaghetti. Each X-8 burner can be set to the same temperature with the turn of a dial, making it ideal for people who enjoy entertaining and need to get food on the table quickly. 

The temperature ranges from 500 BTUs at the lowest setting, ideal for warming fine stews and sweets like chocolate, to 25,000 BTUs at the highest setting, ideal for frying in a traditional iron frying pan. The X-8 burners on the dual fuel range from BlueStar provide all the precision you require, whether you’re a home chef, an expert entertainer, or just want to get meals on the table quickly. Purchase OEM X8 sealed burner heads, burner cap, burner grates, etc. from 

True Electric Convection Ovens 

The BlueStar dual fuel range is an improved version of the electric oven that is known for heating food evenly and very accurately. People have been happy with this kind of oven for a long time. These things require accuracy. Whether your stove has one or two ovens, it can handle big cooking jobs because there is sufficient space.

The BlueStar oven was designed with great skill.  Users can adjust the true convection of the dual fuel range from here. You can pick from eight ways of cooking, such as baking with a fan, roasting, grilling, making dough rise, and drying foods. You can start cooking quickly by touching the screen three times. This will help heat up the inside of the oven. Purchase OEM oven parts from 

Oven Features 


Capacity of BlueStar dual fuel range

The BlueStar 48 “ range has two ovens: a big one that can hold up to 5.1 cubic feet, and a smaller one that can hold up to 2.7 cubic feet. All their ovens are built to fit a large baking sheet just like the rest of their appliances. The BlueStar 60” range has 2 large ovens that each hold up to 5.1 cubic feet. Purchase Bluestar oven OEM parts such as the oven gaskets, burner tubes, oven thermostats, etc.  

Convection System 

Both ovens have one fan and use European convection technology. Some big ovens from brands like JennAir and Miele have twin convection to make heat spread out evenly. 

Wolf changed to a fast air circulation system called VertiCross in their stove that can use two types of fuel in 2021. 

Self Cleaning 

More and more companies are now providing ways for things to clean themselves. 

“Using steam cleaning and shorter oven cycles can save energy and avoid putting the oven through the strain of long, hot cycles that last three hours. “ 

BlueStar has a special cleaning mode that only takes 90 minutes and a tool that helps reduce smoke and bad smells. 

Tilt-Up Touch Screen Interface 


BlueStar kitchen appliances have an easy-to-use control panel that can be tilted up. You can easily read the controls without bending your neck or taking your eyes off the cooking with this interface. It’s also easy to change your settings while you’re cooking. BlueStar’s dual fuel ranges have small and comfortable features that make cooking enjoyable. 

Why Choose Bluestar Dual Fuel Range? 

If you don’t know if you will like the BlueStar Dual Fuel range, here are some reasons to like ranges with dual fuel. You get the advantages of two different things at the same time. The accurate heat of gas burners and the even baking temperature of electric convection ovens work really well together to make a great appliance. The capacity and controls are excellent, plus the ability to customize with color is unmatched in the industry.  

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