Common Oven Problems and their fixes


Whether you’re cooking dinner for the family on a busy weeknight or planning a fancy home-cooked meal for this weekend’s dinner guests, you don’t need any oven issues. Here are the most common oven issues to watch out for and the steps you can take to troubleshoot them yourself. If you have difficulty getting your oven back up and running, remember to leave trickier repairs to a qualified technician. 


1. Oven stove does not heat to the correct temperature 

A problem particular to electric oven stoves is the element not reaching the desired temperature, either not getting hot enough or only working on high heat. Typically, the issue is a defective burner control switch, which is responsible for controlling the temperature. However, there could be electrical problems related to the outlet or cord of the oven. 

2. Electric oven does not heat 

The inside of an oven heats up the same way as the range top does, with the help of an element. You can also experience problems with how the element receives electricity for heating or even with the element itself. Once you have turned on the oven, the element should glow red. If it does not, you may have to replace one or both.

3. Oven door not closing 

If your oven door fails to close properly, this will allow the heat to escape which means the temperature inside the oven will not remain consistent. This will affect the efficiency of your oven as well as the quality of the meals you prepare. There might just be a loose screw or two or something like a door seal that needs to be replaced. Usually, this issue can be easily resolved. 

4. Gas oven burner does not light 

If your gas oven burner would not light, you could have an issue with the pilot light or the ignitor. The pilot light being out or a lack of power to the ignitor could be to blame. But if the power supply is good, then the ignitor could be worn out or damaged and needs to be replaced. Sometimes, you could face this issue if the burner is dirty or blocked.  Another possible issue is a malfunctioning temperature control thermostat, which tells the oven when to turn the heat on as the temperature drops. 

5. My electric range would not switch on 

When you start to try to prepare a meal and find that your electric range would not switch on, it can be frustrating. Fortunately, you may not need to call for takeout. There are some quick troubleshooting points that could fix the underlying issue. The first thing to check is that the child lock is not engaged. This safety feature prevents electricity from reaching the unit. If the child lock is not on, check your circuit breakers. If you still cannot resolve the issue, it may be due to a faulty electronic control board. This may have been caused by a bad transformer, shorted element or power surge and it will need to be replaced to restore functionality.  

6. Oven door is jammed or won’t latch. 

If your oven door jams after a cleaning cycle, allow the oven to power down and cool off. Consider unplugging the unit or turning off power at the breaker. After letting it alone for several minutes, restore power and try the door again. 

Alternate solution to a jammed door is to remove the door from the hinges. With the door removed, check the hinges and springs for bends or other damage. Replace these parts if necessary. 

If your oven door wzwon’t latch, inspect the hinges, springs, gaskets, and latch for any damage. 


Thus, the above listed are the most common issues an oven owner can face along with some possible solutions which may help to restore the functionality of the unit. 


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