Top 5 Residential Appliances Brands



1. Bluestar: 

BlueStar appliances are designed for discerning home chefs who demand restaurant-quality results in their own kitchens.  Handcrafted in Pennsylvania since 1880, their cooking, refrigeration and ventilation products deliver superior performance for home cooks.  BlueStar is known as the industry leader in customization with over 750+ colors and finishes options.


BlueStar ranges are extraordinary. Cook restaurant caliber dishes right at your home. As the go-to brand for many all-star chefs, a BlueStar range delivers you all the power, precision, and control you can dream of. With high BTU Nova burners, a 1850F infrared broiler, and a spacious oven that can accommodate even a commercial baking sheet, there’s no limit to what you can create. 

Bluestar’s Top Requested Parts:


2. FiveStar:

FiveStar is committed to building the highest quality professional style ranges for use in home kitchens. Since the introduction of the first FiveStar ProStyle range in 1990, their ranges have received numerous awards for their outstanding craftsmanship, performance and design. 


Top features include a wide range of burner power, easy clean-up (most parts fits in dishwasher), dual fuel availability, convection oven, and the simmer feature which allows cooking without burning. 

FiveStar’s Top Requested Parts:


3. Asko:

Asko brand appliance was inaugurated in 1950 by Karl-Erik Andersson. Asko’s first product was a washing machine. In 1965, they started producing more residential devices like fully mechanized washing machines and compact dishwasher. After two years, Asko initiated international exportation of their product line. Now it has become a global brand that is selling automated dishwashers, refrigerators, dryers and washers. Asko has won many awards through the years. At the present time, it is one of the leading companies that sells robotic household products. 


One of the many assets of Asko products is their dimensions. It’s very easy to fix them in a very small space. Asko dryers and washers do not produce any sound when in use as compared to others brands. Moreover, you can fill the detergent in advance to wash your clothes for next use. It makes job easier and very convenient to use them. 


Asko’s Top Requested Parts:


4. Ariston:

Ariston was established by Ariston Merloni in 1930. The company sells residential products such as cooktops, hot water systems and gas cylinders. After 30 years, Ariston introduced new products including laundry and dishwashing machines, and ovens. Ariston was honored with “Gold Compass Award”. It is the most trusted brand of Italy. Ariston understands the value of small appliances in our life and now sells washer, dryers, dishwashers, coffee centers and refrigeration drawers.  


Ariston provides a 5-year warranty on all cooking appliances. The oven has 10 cooking functions which makes cooking more versatile and results superior in quality and taste. Ariston uses high quality glass and steel to manufacture their appliances. Due to the automatic self-cleaning feature, the cleaning cycle is time-efficient to clean the cooking grease and takes less time in cleaning. 

Ariston’s Top Requested Parts:


5. Capital:

Capital is a cooking brand that manufactures ranges, BBQ grills, PowerWorks, cocktail stations and burners, all made in the USA. Capital was the first manufacturer who designed outdoor grills in the market. 


Capital ranges are available in variety of colors to match your decor. Capital ranges are more affordable in comparison to other brands in the market. There are 11 different cooktop configurations available. Burner series vary according to different size ranges.  

Capital’s Top Requested Parts:


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