Tips To Make Your Dishwashers Last Longer:

A little maintenance on your dishwasher can help to extend their life and also make it as energy-efficient as possible. (Please make sure unit is turned off and unplugged before servicing)  If you need any assistance in locating any appliance replacement parts CLICK HERE and someone will be able to assist you at


  • You should clean your dishwasher to remove excess detergent residue and stains from inside your dishwasher. (Try using Affresh)
  • Check the dishwasher spray arms and clear any food particles stuck in the water dispersal holes and clean them.
  • Check door gaskets and bottom edge of your dishwasher and clean it in order to prevent leaks and replace if gasket is damaged.

In conclusion:  Putting in the effort to maintain your dishwasher will help it last for years. Start applying the tips that we’ve discussed above and begin caring for your appliance today.  If you need to replace any of your appliance parts please don’t hesitate in contacting us at 1-855-472-4443 FREE or email us at:

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