Tips To Make Your Oven, Gas Stoves And Refrigerators Last Longer:

A little maintenance on your appliances can help to extend their life and also make them as energy-efficient as possible. (Please make sure unit is turned off and unplugged before servicing)  If you need any assistance in locating any appliance replacement parts CLICK HERE and someone will be able to assist you at


  • Clean your oven regularly and use the self-cleaning feature (If you have it) after you have already heated the oven to cook.
  • Check the seal of your oven door and replace the gasket(s) if broken, torn or otherwise warped. A tight seal keeps heat inside your oven and allows food to cook evenly and quickly.
  • Remove and clean stove-top drip pans with warm soapy water, or replace them if damaged.

Gas Stoves

  • Clean the area around your spark igniter (include the burner caps and the holes around the caps) use a nylon scrubbing pad or toothbrush to remove any dirt covering these parts.
  • Clean the stove-top grates.
  • Before you put the grates or burner plates/caps back on the stove, lift the range and vacuum all the crumbs if possible.


  • Clean your refrigerator compressor coils regularly with a refrigerator coil cleaning brush. (These coils are usually located on the back or bottom of your refrigerator)
  • If you have a water dispenser you will need to change your water filter
  • Check the gasket or seal around your refrigerator. (If damaged in any way you will need to replace the gasket to help increase the life of your fridge)
  • Do not to overfill your refrigerator or freezer. (When overfilled it can block the airflow in the appliance and cause the motor to overwork)

In conclusion:  If you put in the effort to maintain your appliances you’ll find that many of them will last for years.  Your existing refrigerator and stove could last up to 20 years.  So go ahead and start applying the tips that we’ve discussed above and begin caring for your appliances today.  If you need to replace any of your appliance parts please don’t hesitate in contacting us at 1-855-472-4443 FREE or email us at:

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